Our imperfect perfectly soul products!

We are a small family workshop in Dnipro, Ukraine. We use natural textiles and mainly natural-based pigments to color our products. We wash all our tapes and fabrics with a fixative to ensure color fastness. Although rare, small dye molecules can remain on fabrics and ribbons. When using our products, if you think the tapes may get wet with water, you should wash them before using.

A small amount of mild soap (pH neutral soap is best to keep the fabric from dramatically discoloring) and water will help remove paint residues. Be careful as with any other hand-painted item.

Dry and store away from sunlight. Natural dyes are very sensitive to pH changes and can fade in the sun and react to chemicals, so it's important to store them in a safe place away from sunlight to help reduce fading.

We strive to make our process as natural as possible. All of our colors are plant-based, however there are still some parts of the process where we cannot use only natural ingredients for coloring - we try to minimize these parts of the process and are always looking for new ways of making. these are more natural.