Small and cozy. What is a “chamber” wedding?

Wedding is really a BIG DAY of two loving hearts, a birthday of the young family. How to make it remarkable and unforgettable and at the same time more relaxed and drama-free? There are no rules set on stone. Only newlyweds will decide what to do... Small weddings give such opportunity and a lot more flexibility in many questions concerning details. Small weddings (micro even) become  more and more popular last years. Micro because number of guests is less than 20 persons.


Such wedding is more intimate, and newlyweds can spend more time with those they are actually close to. The vibe of the small wedding is really vibrant. cozy and warm. Much attention is devoted to the venue of the event. Depending from the season of the year it can be summer house on the bank of the river, cozy cafe, small yacht in the open sea, barn in the countryside or simply glade in the wood! Anyway you have to decorate this venue! Back to the mother-nature, not to harm environment. That is why using natural textiles is so important for decorating tables, chairs, arches, bouquets.



Rustic style is very popular in the decoration of small weddings. Gauze runner with crinkle texture looks tender in the center of the table together with cotton napkins with raw edges the same color. Details are really very important! It would be nice to devote personal attention to every guest because every guest at the small wedding is VERY  IMPORTANT PERSON. Possible to make cards with initials or names of every guest or to prepare small gifts to memorize this event. And of course to tie cards and gifts with hand dyed ribbons with love and care! There are a lot of pluses of the small weddings, no doubts! And don't forget about professional photographer. You will have gorgeous shoots - happy newlyweds, smiling guests, chic decorations and... importance of the moment! Everything will be not only in your memories, but in your family album. That is why it is so important to make small wedding  like the biggest holiday , remarkable and unique!