Hand dyed ribbons and their features

 Ribbons as an attribute of decor have been used since ancient times, fashion is changing, style is improving, and the requirements for the quality and appearance of ribbons are changing. Ribbons are always decoration, holiday, positive, smile, good mood, grace and beauty! They can be used as a decorative element in the girl's and woman's hairstyle, in the bouquet, in the general decoration of the festive table. Invitation and holiday cards can be tied with small ribbons, and ribbons can also be a very relevant decor element for various types of photo shoots, in the work of a florist and people of many other creative professions.

  Let's figure out which tapes are now the most in demand ?! Preference is given to natural hand dyed ribbons. In these ribbons, the key word is "NATURAL" - starting from the original fabric from which the ribbons are made, and ending with the natural dyes with which this fabric was dyed. Everything is natural, original, no chemicals. Fabrics are dyed in small batches, so the shades may differ slightly from each other, while remaining individual, original, as we call them "imperfectly perfect" or "perfectly imperfect". Ribbons may have stains from natural dyes, but these stains do not deprive our tapes of attractiveness and originality .

  Cotton ribbons are made of 100%  high quality cotton fabric that lends itself well to hand-dyeing. The tapes are soft, pleasant to the touch, and quite dense. The edge of the tape is raw, and this is no coincidence, this is one of the features of the "rustic" style, which is also very popular now precisely for its simplicity, naturalness and originality. The length of the tape is fixed - 3 yards (around 3 meters), and the width varies depending on the wish of the buyer - 0.5"-4.0" (1.3-10.0 cm). The palette of colors and shades is very diverse.

  Silk ribbons are made of 100% high quality silk. These ribbons are also hand dyed with natural pigments, so natural dye stains on the fabric are not ruled out. Ribbons are very light, soft, flowing and glossy. The edge of the tape is not processed, it is raw. The length is fixed - 3yards ( around 3 meters), the width varies - 0.5"-4.0" (1.3-10.0cm). Wide range of colors.


  Batiste ribbons deserve special attention. They are made of cambric fabric - super thin, but durable. This is a mix of two natural fabrics - in our version it is cotton - 70% and silk - 30%. There may be other options for obtaining batiste, and it is called cambric in some countries. Our cambric ribbons are thin, soft, delicate, with a recognizable matte surface and raw edges. The length of the tape is fixed - 3 yards ( around 3 meters), the width varies - 0.5"-4" (1.3-10.0 cm). The colors of the tapes are varied.


  Velvet ribbon is love at first sight! It is stunning and luxury! I immediately recall the words from the song: "Oh, what a blessing to know that you are perfection, to know that you are an ideal!" Velvet ribbons are really gorgeous, and pleasing to the eye, and just amazing to the touch! They are made of mixed fabric - silk-70% + viscose - 30%. The edge of the velvet ribbon is raw. The length is fixed- 1.5 yards (1.4 meters), the width varies - 0.75"-4" (2.0-5.0cm). The color range will delight you!