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WINE rustic silk+cotton ribbon with raw edges for wedding decor


Material: 100% Pure Matte Silk

Color : Wine
Width Options: 0.5", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 4"
Length: 3 yards/ 3 meters.

Introducing our Silk Thin and Floating Ribbons, a versatile addition perfect for bouquets, invitations, wedding decor, photo shoots, jewelry crafting, sewing, and embroidery.

Crafted through a meticulous handmade process and the artful balance of natural dye materials, each ribbon embodies a splendidly imperfect beauty, showcasing unique mottling and gentle imprints from the natural dyeing process.

Our approach is both deliberate and distinctive. We believe that it is the allure and character inherent in each piece that evokes the romance of a bygone era, rendering these luxurious ribbons exceptionally beautiful. Consequently, slight nuances or variations in texture and color are part of the charm in our ribbons and textiles.

Presented on handcrafted wooden spools made from alder (as seen in the last photo), these spools, fashioned by my husband, feature a rustic design that adds a touch of elegance to any photograph. Imperfect by design, these reels are entirely handmade without the use of machinery or fixtures—complimentary with your ribbon purchase; you pay only for the tape :)

The light and delicate texture of our ribbons is sure to captivate every bride.

A gentle reminder: Each product is hand-painted, and color transitions may occur. The actual color may vary from the photo based on your monitor settings. We strive to convey the product's color as faithfully as possible to the original.


When using our ribbon to tie a flower bouquet, ensure the stem is dry. A wet stem may transfer colors to the ribbon, and stains might prove challenging to remove. Also, be cautious that the ribbon avoids contact with water containing flower food, as this chemical can stain the ribbon and alter its natural colors.

Floral green tape may transfer color to the silk ribbon. If using green tape, it's advisable to cover it with twine or scotch tape to prevent color transfer.

Washing the ribbon is not recommended, as some colors may be affected by the soap and water's acidity or alkalinity. If washing is necessary, we recommend gentle handwashing in tepid water using a pH-neutral soap. Air dry the ribbon out of direct sunlight. Natural colors may shift in shades due to drastic changes in pH or added chemicals.

You can iron your ribbon using a dry iron on the silk setting (low to medium). After air-drying, the silk fabric may feel stiff; a gentle scrunch will restore its softness.

For crinkle silk ribbon, due to its delicate nature, washing and ironing are not advisable to preserve its shape and texture.

Please note that fading is a characteristic of fabric colors, whether natural or synthetic. In naturally dyed products, nature provides living colors, and over time, the color may shift or fade. Embrace the beauty in each phase of their life. Store the ribbons in a dark place or away from bright light or direct sunlight to slow down the color shift.


Thank you! :)

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Melina Monique

Beautiful sheer ribbon, rich in color with a matte texture and not too sheer, but just enough to give it that elegant look. I absolutely love it, thank you!

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WINE rustic silk+cotton ribbon with raw edges for wedding decor

WINE rustic silk+cotton ribbon with raw edges for wedding decor